Lawst in Translation is a highly specialized, educational-consulting firm dedicated to the curation and delivery of custom-tailored legal awareness programming.

While much has changed in our increasingly global world, one thing has not; the existence of independent nation states. Each and every country maintains a unique justice system and set of laws. While laws may be facially similar from one country to another, human psychology and the collective experience of the populace in any given location often dictates how a country or region’s legal system is managed.

Participants in organized international travel experiences, and individuals relocating to foreign jurisdictions generally have very little awareness of foreign criminal justice systems, divergent concepts of legal rights, and the cultural nuances that influence a native population’s view of the law and society.

We work with you to create a personalized program based upon: the needs of your organization, level of participant comprehension, group size, and intended destinations. We can create personalized programming for nearly all age groups.